As of version 1.4.0, Stripe EasyPay supports custom fields which are included the Stripe transaction as metadata.

In order to add custom fields to your form, you must use a template override for the module, as no custom fields are added by default. If you need assistance creating a template override, please review the Joomla documentation on the topic.

Once you have created the template override for the module:

  1. Click the file for the style you need to edit (default.php, bootstrap3.php, or bootstrap4.php).
  2. Add a form input field (any type is valid, as long as it is named "mod_geekrebels_custom_field").
  3. If you want to include more than one custom field, you can create the input element as an array with an element key the same as the key you want in the metadata sent to Stripe.
  4. Click on Save & Close at the top.

When you view the module on the front, you should see your change. Here is one sample custom field:

            <div class="form-group">
                <label for="mod_geekrebels_custom_field_1"><?php echo JText::_('Account #') ?></label>
                <input type="text" id="mod_geekrebels_custom_field_1" name="mod_geekrebels_custom_field[account_number]" class="form-control form-control-sm"
                       required="required" placeholder="<?php echo JText::_('Account Number') ?>"

The above sample, when included in your template (we used the Bootstrap 4 style), would transmit to Stripe a metadata array of:

    "account_number": "<FIELD_VALUE>"